Irish Parenting Blog Awards 2015

The first Irish Parenting Blog Awards took place in Odessa in Dublin city centre on Saturday 25th April. It was a sell out event that generated significant social media attention, not only on the night itself, but also at key points on the awards schedule timeline, including the announcement of nominations on 1st April, the publication of the finalists on 16th April and the pre- and post-awards buzz.

A number of sponsor-related events also generated a bump in social media activity, particularly the Glenisk family-friendly recipe competition and the SEAT Ireland announcement of one month’s free driving for the winner of the Best Post of the Year.

So what did it look like?

For the duration of the awards schedule – from 4th February to 28th April – had in excess of 23,500 visitors.



Here’s our combined Facebook and Twitter interactions for the same period

And in the two weeks in the run up to the awards on the 25th April:

Facebook Activity
Overall Impressions

Here’s our Facebook impressions over the two month duration of the awards:

FB impressions IPBAwards duration stats

24-26 April

Here’s our Facebook impressions and statistics for the three days of 24th – 26th April:

FB impressions IPBAwards duration


But who are these lovely people on Facebook, and where are they coming from?

FB impressions IPBAwards duration

Twitter Activity

Twitter Activity

Month of April

twitter 1-28 April

3 Day Period of the Awards

twitter 24-28 April

More Twitter Key Indicators

twitter key indicators

Twitter Stats

twitter stats awards wknd

They were saying thanks congratulations finalist #IPBAwards great night


#IPBAwards trended on Twitter the evening of 1st April when the nominations were announced. #IPBAwards also trended for most of the evening of the awards on 25th April, beginning at 6:30pm and staying in the top 10 in Ireland until 12:30pm the next day.

You can take a look at the trending timeline for the awards night here:

 #IPBAwards trending – 25 April 2015

Take a look at our #IPBAwards tagboard to give you a broader picture of the cross-platform coverage, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Vine and Flickr. Here’s just a small snapshot.

Here’s what they said

And they wrote about it too

These are some of the many posts published about the awards.!A-little-update-on-the-writing-and-the-Irish-Parenting-Blog-Awards/cuhk/CA8C8184-119E-48FD-998E-E88CD305B661!Top-ten-reasons-to-buy-a-ticket-to-the-IPB-Awards-next-year/cuhk/553ec30d0cf2487416f4f784